About Us

W e began Renessence here in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago in 1995 and were early pioneers in bringing the use of essential oils and aromatherapy to the salon and spa business. We dedicated the organization to showing our client guests a more natural, well balanced approach to hair and body care services.

As we progressed, we listened to the requests and needs of our guests and expanded the business, as well as the products and services that we offer here at Renessence. As our mission states, we go to great effort to maintain the quality of our products and services, and also in offering a beautiful, tranquil place for guests to come to.

The staff of Renessence share a common desire. To honor our ability to serve our guests. We have dedicated our past, present and future efforts to achieve harmony with our mission and to bring these results to you.

Our Staff

Hair Stylist Team


Kurt has been in the hair business since 1983 and has had two other salons in the Chicago area and is a co-owner of Renessence. His background before being a stylist was in art and he has taken those passions and skills to the hair design business. He has won numerous awards and has been called one of the top 20 people for incorporating aromatherapy into the hair and salon business.  Kurt enjoys working with guests on an individual level, helping guests see and experience the possibilities or a change or new look. Kurt has always taken as a philosophy that the salon business is about serving and creating with respect. Kurt has been an avid tennis player for 25 years, enjoys travel, fitness, music, film and theater.


Tanya is passionate about hair and the providing exceptional service. She loves to be around people and loves to make them feel better. Tanya has been in the beauty industry for three years. She was confident at an early age that hair was her passion and wanted to pursue a career in hair color and design.She loves the industry because it doesn't feel like work to her. When not in the salon she loves traveling and spending time with friends.


Jazmin chose to become a hair professional because she enjoys being around people and having the ability to effect a person self-esteem through the art of hair. She is a strong believer that consultation is key and she aims for satisfaction through helping her clients reach their beauty goals. She expresses her creativity through her work by educating clients on hair care and product recommendations. She enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music, dancing and going to the theater.


Zaina brings over 6 years of experience to the Renessence Salon team. She strives for complete client satisfaction through having an in-depth consultation which goes above and beyond customer service. Clients will find that she takes the time to learn about them because she believes that understanding the client’s personality and lifestyle helps create the best look for each individual. Zaina looks forward to employing her skills to make you feel and look the best.

Waxing and Skincare Team


Puja is a skincare specialist for Renessence. She has been in skincare since 2002. Puja is known for the calming nature of her skincare therapies and her ability to give results that can be seen after just one treatment. In addition, Puja has special skills in threading and waxing, eyebrow reshaping as well as nose and ear wax treatments.



Araceli chose to become a massage therapist because she enjoys taking care of her clients in a professional and compassionate manner. She feel that to give a massage is a self-rewarding experience by her being able to improve her clients well being. She is passionate about massage and all that relate to it: anatomy, energy work and the different massage modalities. She has been performing massage since 2007 and when not working she loves to reconnect with nature. 

Our Space