Hair Design Treatments


  (Includes consultation, sensory experience and blow-styling)
Designer haircutting   start at $45
  start at $39
Children's Haircut
 (10 and under)
Blow-styling or Flat or Curling Iron   start at $40

Lighting Dimensions/Highlighting

  (Includes consultation, sensory experience and blow-styling)
Full Head Highlights   start at $90
Partial Head Highlights   start at $75
Ten sections   $60
Color Add-on   start at $10


  (Includes consultation, sensory experience and blow-styling)
Permanent Color   start at $65
Add-on (medium to long hair)   start at $10
Corrective Color - Filler   (Consultation Needed)

Waves & Curls

 (Includes consultation, sensory experience and blow-styling)
Body Waves and Curl   start at $90

A Facial for Your Hair

Damage Remedy Hair and Scalp Renewal - A potent sensory experience and intense repair for hair. It begins with scalp, neck, and shoulder massage - with up to 12 aroma-therapeutic essential oils - to increase scalp circulation while targeting pressure points that release tension. Then hair is treated with one of two intense repair formulas: Moisture Immersion, for up to 71% softer, smoother strands; or Strength Immersion, for up to 71% more resistance to combing breakage. At every step, aroma-therapy elevates, soothes or recharges.
60 minute service (includes hair drying)
Medium to long hair
  start at $65
add $20

La-Brasiliana Keratin treatment with Collagen

La-Brasiliana is the only keratin treatment that contains collagen so hair is always elastic and never brittle. Enjoy instant benefits from La-Brasiliana: smoothes, softens, adds shine, eliminates frizz, gives hair instant manageability, and drastically cuts down styling time.
(Requires consultation prior to scheduling service)

Spruzzi Spray Keratin Treatment with Collagen

Lasts up to 2 months includes a home maintenance kit. Hair cannot be shampooed for 24 (twenty-four) hours after treatment
  start at $200